My name is Maja Senekovic (a.k.a. Haidy Kancler) and I am a freelance film director.


Understanding the world through experience is the only way to produce a supreme and engaging story. And that is why I am your director.

I spend a lot of time exploring different areas of life in order to gather that specific knowledge of the subject I talk about. I do sports, music, art, science, … and I love learning new things. Regarded as a conscientious and accurately prepared director, I do love thrill. Unforeseen situations are pushing the limits and that’s when the magic begins!

The documentary genre took me the most eclectic journey, through different countries, cultures, languages and professions, combining fiction, music directing, music videos, sports and advertising, all at the same time. It is passionate journey since life itself moves me more than anything else.


… and, I love doing what I do.


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