Documentary film Dossier: ON WHICH LANE? ( Dosje: Na kateri tir?)


Documentary film Dossier: On which lane? Is a film about the current railway situation in Slovenia. It was produced by the news programme of Slovenian television.

The story follows a former train driver who travels to munich in order to see the newest trains in europe. On the way he meets rail workers, past train stewardess, .. and last his friend who is a train lover. Together they get to Munich where they finally see all the newest trains. The story smoothly jumps on different stations and countryes, from cargo rail to borders,… when the followed train stops there. 


Orig.title: Dosje: Na kateri tir?                              

Produced by: RTV SLOVENIA, news programm, Saša Lušina

Country of Production: SLOVENIA

Completion Year: 2010

Running time: 50 min


Technical Information: Beta cam, colour, stereo, slovenian


Director: Maja Senekovič (aka Haidy Kancler)

Script: Alenka Pogačnik, Maja Senekovič

Production manager: Saša Lušina

Photography : Robert Baron

Camera assistant: Žiga Gašperin

Light: Žiga Gašperin, Robert Baron

Sound operator: Žiga Gašperin

Editor: Miha Hvale

Sound editor: Robert Sršen

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